Thursday, January 31, 2013

I Wish

I wish the moments that I've had once come back to me,
I wish I can be the same old person that I've become before,
I wish the greatest friendship I've ever had will be mine again,
I wish the memories still remain in my mind,
I wish...

I wish for better tomorrow,
I wish all my prayers granted by Him,
I wish I can make my family happy,
I wish I can be myself truly,
I wish my presence worth to everybody,
I wish...

I wish I am strong enough to face obstacles in life,
I wish I can be patient with all the trials and tribulations,
I wish...

And at last I wish my life will end in the good way,
And I wish Allah and my mom blessed me,
So that I can wish that I will smile when the time come,
I wish...


~frenz 4eva~

~frenz 4eva~